The Sensational Sound of Leadership

Precision! Perfection! “I hear ♫♪ music in the air entrancing the senses and I am compelled to go there.”

The orchestra grew by accretion throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, however the 20th-century orchestra had become far more flexible than its predecessors. The 1970’s saw the introduction of charismatic / transformational leadership.

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Full Body Leadership Medical Evaluation

When last have you stopped to take a full body leadership medical examination? This is absolutely crucial for diagnosing existing ailments acts as a preventative measure for discovering other conditions in their early stages.

It is imperative that you first seek a Physician Consultation – Do you have a Mentor or a strong Support Network you can confide in? Early detection is key. Leadership can be stressful at times. How well do you handle the dissenting voices? Do you crumble under pressure? To begin with, you will be required to undergo a blood test to determine your blood type and pressure. If your blood type is “Be Positive.” (B+) and your pressure is normal, this a great starting point.

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A Leader’s Clothes: New Year New Clothes

As a child growing up, I remember reading Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes, which has made a lasting impression on me, to this very day. The art of introspection is critical to a leader since you may be surrounded by “courtiers who appease the Emperor and praise the non-existent clothes. Good leadership is being open to honest feedback and responding to it positively and constructively.

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10 Leadership Lessons from Nature

Nature has a certain “natural “way of unfolding which provides us with insights on how a leader can guide and direct an organization. Nature can be described as systematic, organized and connected. Therefore, looking at these characteristics, we can relate them to some sustainable organizations.

Thus, we can all look to nature to learn some key lessons about leadership:

1. Survival of the Fittest – According to science, that's what happens in the animal kingdom. Only those that have the ability to adapt and survive will live to pass on their genes. It's also called "natural selection.” Organizations that stand the test of time are those that promote growth through continuous learning, welcome challenges and embrace failure for the opportunities it provides. Selection is Key – In this regard, there must be efficient HR practices for selection and training. Talented individuals with varying competencies and skills who can efficiently and effectively achieve the organization’s goals and objectives should be chosen.

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Leadership Lesson: The Glory of Rejection

If there was one topic I would say I have the authority to discuss, it would be rejection. Throughout my journey, I’ve faced many ups and downs. At times the downs seems more than the ups, which can be overwhelming.

Rejection has historically been viewed as a form of failure. How many times have you felt that your performance was good enough only to find yourself looking for the answers to your unexpected rejection? Getting rejected is a part of life and something all leaders must accept.

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